Reflections @ Keppel Bay


Residential - Condo Unit 


Condo Unit (1000 ft²)


Suited to our client’s preferences, the expert team at Copper Design Associates decided to revamp this space to create a fresh space that is minimalistic and clean looking. The overall theme colour of the house is white with black accents. The colour scheme used aims to bring out a peaceful and calming vibe to reflect the kind of home life the owner desires. The white colour used not only helps to bring out a very minimalistic and clean look but it also helps to brighten up the space, preventing it from looking dull and lackluster.


In the living room, the leather made sofa and dining sets anchor the space with a touch of elegance. The creamy palette used envelopes the space, softening up the entire interior. Towards the dining room and the dry kitchen, counters and cabinet are kept to the same shades of white, but here the counter top and designers’ light don a series of dark panels, affording a sense of graceful contrast to the space.


Overall, our designers made use of white furniture and interior décor to brighten up the place as well as to create a calm and minimalistic space. The white framed windows also helped to let sunlight in, further brightening up the space.





Design-Build - Full ID, Wood Works, Styling

Completed in 2016

Mediterranean, Modern


29 Keppel Bay View, Singapore 098417