Fengshui House


Residential - Condominium Unit 


4 Room Dual Key (1464 ft²)


A Feng Shui Practitioner, inspired by the deep history of ancient China, looks for a space that not serves the daily uses of a cosy home but also a space that can brings great appreciation to the visitors on the history of Ancient China back in the Three Kingdoms period.


A bachelor who loves to hold gatherings in his house with his friends and closed ones on the weekends and during festive occasions. His dual key condominium apartment unit is converted from a 4-bedded to a 3-bedded house incorporating of the 2 main areas, the living area and the personal space.


As you walked into the living area, you will encounter the dominant ceiling feature depicting the accents of oriental design accompanied by the used of mahogany finishes bedroom door. Next comes a full height walnut finished display shelf detailed with gold spray painted frames that gives the owner options to showcase his collection pieces relating to Feng Shui. Plenty of spotlights are directed nicely at the individual paintings lined up in the living area.


A magnificent partition feature divides the spaces between the living and dining area, creating privacy yet open spaces for the users. Carefully selected bronze paint finishes the majestic piece that gives a backdrop for the 2 emperor chairs from the Ancient China.


Shelved with books, a study room is designed beside the master bedroom giving the owner easy access during his private working hours, providing a conducive environment. With the a balanced texture of walnut wood, golds and stone finishes material, the modern oriental home becomes a hot topic among his visitors, giving him amble opportunities to introduce awareness toward Feng Shui while enjoying the space.


Design-Build - Full ID, Wood Works, Styling

Completed in 2015

Mr Wilfred Leu