Urban Haven @ Tiong Bahru


Residential - Private Apartment


Walk Up Apartment (1000 ft²)


Nestled in the heart of cultural district, this project is inspired by the rich accents of the art culture in Tiong Bahru.


An individual who have great interest in health and lifestyle, this walk-up unit is reconfigured from relocating the original kitchen as the new master bedroom, to the common bedroom as the new kitchen area.


The space is strategically planned, creating the user experience of a cosy art gallery home, accompanied by warm lighting and ambient music from the recessed speakers in the ceiling. You will be greeted by the adorable photos of their residence pets before stepping into the open concept living and kitchen area. Hidden at the far end of the corridor, the cosy master bedroom uses many soft lightings and warm finishes on the carpentry. The bed frame is carefully planned between 2 existing columns, furnished with soft cove lighting around the base, giving the bed a ‘lift’ from the bedroom floor. In contrast to the overall colour tone of the space, the master bathroom is on a darker shade with greys, marble and walnut finishes.


With geometrical elements, such as stripe design as well as the use of material of marble top in the kitchen, the interesting inter-play of original beams creating a conversational piece ceiling with cove lighting, this project is another art piece named “Urban Modern Apartment”.


Design-Build - Full ID, Wood Works, Styling

Completed in 2015

Mr Willie Chan


Tiong Bahru